Lost Idol of Swinavia! is a story in the Angry Birds magazine, issue 23. The first half of the story starts from pages 7-9, then it takes a break. The story continues on pages 30-31, where it finishes.

It is about the blues finding a scroll, reporting it to Red, and Bomb, a Minion Pig reporting it to King Pig, King Pig reporting it all to Corporal/Helmet/Colonel Pig, and Foreman/Moustache/Grandpa Pig, and them all racing for it! Then, the pigs realise it was all a big mistake.

Plot Edit

South Beach Edit

The story starts with Jim, Jake, and Jay, playing on South Beach. They appear yo have built a sandcastle. They are getting bored of doing the same thing thing. They want to play a different game. A blue suggests volleyball. That same one gets treated as a apball, and it hit over a treasure chest, into a tree by it. The other two manage to open the chest, and the find a scroll.

Cobalt Pleatus Edit

The blues cannot read the scroll, so they go to the Cobalt Pleatus, to get Red, and Bomb to help them. Red is shocked by what it reveals. The location of the lost idol of Swinavia. a curious blue asks what it is. Bomb simply tells him that it is an idol from Swinavia, that got lost. A Minion Pig watches the event, and says he'd better get this to King Pig.

King Pig's Castle Edit

As he said, the Minion Pig tells the king about it. King Pig said he has it, and asks if he got the scroll. The Minion is like: No..... King Pig yells at the pig, and it takes the little piggy ages to get it. When he has it, King Pig said it is about time. King Pig sees the scroll. King Pig says it looks incredible. a giant golden pig statue (that he says will look great in his back bedroom.) Minion Pig tells the king that he cannot fetch the lost idol-hunting hat, because he lost it. King Pig says that he will summon the other pigs. They have to find the idol!

Swinavia Edit

The angry birds are talking, and then, they meet the pigs at the location. Red calls the pigs swill-for-brains. THey start. Everyone squeezes through the cave enterance, to notice that teh cave is booby-trapped. Luckily for King Pig, he came prepared. The pigs quickly get away, and they birds demand to follow them, and beat them to the idol. Over lava pits, spinning stones, cages, and webs, it is a close race! The pigs win by a slight lead... Only to realise that the idol on the scroll is the real size!

Transcript Edit

Part 1 Edit

Blue Bird: This is boring. Let's play a game.

Blue Bird: What sort of game!

Blue Bird: I know! Volleyball!

Blue bird: Oof! Not quite what I had in mind!

Blue Bird: Coo. What's that?

Blue bird: Painful! That's what!

Blue Bird: Red! Red! Look what we found!

Red: *gasp* It reveals the location of the lost idol of Swinavia!

Blue Bird: What's that?

Bomb: It's an idol. From Swivania. That got lost.

Blue Bird: Well, that was helpful!

Minion Pig: I'd better tell King Pig about this!

King Pig: The lost Idol of Swinavia?

Minion Pig: That's what they said, sire.

King Pig: I must have it! Did you get the scroll!

Minion Pig: Er... No, your snortliness.


Minion Pig: Y-yes, sire, r-right away, sire!


Minion Pig: G-got it.

King Pig: About time, too! Look at it! It's incredible! A giant pig statue made out of solid gold! That's going to look lovely in my back bedroom! Minion! Fetch my lost idol-hunting hat!

Minion Pig: I c-cant, sir.

King Pig: Why not?

Minion Pig: You lost it.

King Pig: No matter! Summon the other Pigs! We've got an enormous statue to find!

Blue Bird: I can't believe that pig stole the scroll.

Red: Doesn't matter! I memorized the instructions, so we can get the idol before they get here!

King Pig: NOT SO FAST! That idol is OURS!

Red: Not a chance, swill-for-brains!

King Pig: Out of the way! Snouts before beaks!

Bomb: Birds before swine! Yikes!

Foreman Pig: Oo-eck!

Red: It's booby-trapped!

King Pig: Of course the idol is booby-trapped! Luckily, I came prepared!

Corporal Pig: Ow! Nice of you to warn us!

King Pig: Now to find the lost idol!

Red: After him!

Blue Bird: Let's get that idol before he does!

Part 2 Edit

King Pig: Ulp!

Bomb: See ya! Ouch!

Corporal Pig: Ooh. This hurts.

King Pig: Har Har. Good work, my loyal swine shields! I'm g-going to need a bigger swine shield! Now who's laughing?

Blue Bird: Us!

King Pig: Oh, you think so, don't you?

Red: Yep! We're going to make it!

King Pig: Don't be so sure!

Bomb: What the?

King Pig: Made it! We're the first to that door, so that idol is ours! Won't be needing that scroll any more! Hurry up!

Blue Bird: It's not fair! King Pig is going to be rich!

Red: Actually, I'm not sure!

King Pig: It's... It's... Huh? You have got to be kidding me! *sobs* All that effort... For nothing!

Red Bird: If he would have read the scroll properly, he would have realised... The idol in the picture is the actual size!

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